David Murphy

David grew up in a horse family that trained and competed in a range of events: Hunting, Australian Stock Horse Showing, Polo-Cross, Gymkhanas, Stockmans Challenges' and Campdrafting.
The last 20 years he has turned his lifelong passion into a professional career by breaking and training horses. His business is predominantly centered around Campdrafting and Australian Stock Horse shows that take him all around Australia.
When asked about High Horse products he replies -
"Out of all the supplements I have used over my career, I’ve never seen one that produces results as quickly and efficiently as High Horse Performance supplements do.
Not only are High Horse products incredible for our horses' health, attitude and condition; it also requires less amounts of hard feed to complete the horse's diet and keep them looking and feeling great. I first noticed this when I added it to my older competition horses and found out I had to reduce the feed amounts because they started putting on too much condition.
High Horse's range are fantastic for increasing nutritional absorption and supporting optimal gut function. I am proud to be affiliated with such a great brand and recommend it to people wherever I go.
David Murphy - High Horse