Success Stories

Over the last year and a half, I struggled to put weight on Sophie. We purchased Sophie straight off the track in late 2019. We did everything possible to get her looking like a happy healthy horse, it was only until I started feeding High Horse Performance's Gut Health+, Omega+ and Vitality+ that she started gaining weight after only a month on the products.

Sophie now looks like a completely different horse, not only did she put on weight, her coat is shining and is starting to build quality top line.


I can honestly say I don't think I have seen him looking this good... he isn't stabled, one rug and one feed a day. The game changer has been the High Horse Performance products. He has been on Omega+, Gut Health+ and Vitality+ for a couple months now and I am blown away with how well he is doing on them all.

He has had one ride since April and looks like he is in full work and the breeding season is in full swing now. Couldn't be happier with how he looks.

Previously had to be feed 200ml of Flaxseed oil during breeding. Now I do between 20-30ml and he is thriving, the overall best condition of his life.


Having met the High Horse Performance Team at the Victorian Interschool Championship, I began feeding my horse Franklin the Vitality+, Gut Health+ and Omega+. I had been looking for a product that would help my horse gain weight without making him even hotter and spookier than he already was.

The first thing I noticed was the change in attitude. Franklin had always been a little edgy and cranky however, since feeding High Horse be became serene and affectionate.  He seemed much happier to come in to work, and much more focused in his work. 
Next came the weight gain.  In particular he very quickly began to develop more topline, through the neck, over the back around the lumbar region and developed cover over the rib cage.  His top line development continues to increase.
His summer coat is beautiful, his winter coat was soft and shiny.
I am able to step up the workload and ask for more, and he continues to give more, get stronger every day, seems really happy in his work, and has loads of good energy.  I feel like I finally have a great connection with this horse.

Sebastian a 7 year old WB/TB, struggled with bad anxiety. He became very attached to paddock mates, chronic fence walker and spooky to ride. He struggled to put condition on. I came across High Horse Performance products, I saw how affordable they are with fantastic reviews. I bought the Omega+ and Gut Health+ and have been so impressed with my horses.  Sebastian’s improvements have been remarkable. His anxiety has settled, he now eats all his food, put on lots of condition and coat is very shiny. He has become so focused and unfazed by anything scary. No spooks, no fence walking and his gut health is much better.  The customer service is excellent and they are beautiful to chat with. I can’t thank High Horse Performance enough for all the help. I encourage everyone to try these products, they’re amazing!


Emmy is a 4yo Off The Track Thoroughbred mare, she arrived at my place on the 12th of October 2021 in very light condition as shown in the picture. The day before she arrived she has trialed... Not only had she been in light condition she also contained the worst skin rash I have ever seen running down her hind quarters and face. Emmy was not interested in eating anything until I added High Horse Performance Products! She now proceeds to like her feed bucket clean. 

Since Emmy has been on the Omega+ oil her skin rash has cleared, the Gut Health+ has increased good gut bacteria resulting in better gut health and the Vitality+ has helped build top-line and muscle.

I am absolutely over the moon with how she is looking thanks to High Horse Performances supplements and recommend it to everyone. Emmy has now started light work under saddle



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